Studio Soundsbent

Studio Soundsbent is a carefully designed and beautiful-sounding recording studio in Darlinghurst. It is owned and operated by Benn DeMole Hudson, a composer, producer and audio engineer with over 15 years’ experience. Studio Soundsbent has two purpose-built rooms, one larger combined control room and recording space and a smaller recording room. There is also a third, untreated, live room available for larger ensemble recording.

Studio Soundsbent features a high end monitoring system, using hand-built Grover Notting monitors from Melbourne. Recording is to hard disc with up to twenty-two inputs, through a range of transistor and tube microphone pre-amps and a nice selection of microphones, dynamics, condensers and ribbons.

Suitable for a wide-range of recording, mixing and remixing activities, from multi-tracking bands to voice-overs, from world music a cappella to street-wise hip hop. Talk to Benn about your project, he will help you!